Castle 7.01 “Driven” - sneak peek 2 [HD] 


Castle Season 7 Sneak Peek #2 

“Any woman that’s in any kind of success is so many different colors, so many different elements. And if you want to create a real woman that people really fall in love with, that your leading man really would want to be engaged with and is his muse, then let’s paint all of her, you know.” - Stana Katic


Castle and Beckett playing poker- Season 1//Season 6

Color Meme + leave a number and fandom/chara/ship in my ask


  1. Pastels & Pale (soft colors, nothing too saturated)
  2. Vibrants (colorful, bright)
  3. Shades of Purple
  4. Pink & Blue
  5. Complementary Colors (magenta+green, red+cyan, blue+yellow,..help)
  6. Warm Colors
  7. Cold Colors
  8. Black & White
  9. Rainbow Colors
  10. Spring Colors
  11. Summer Colors
  12. Autumn Colors
  13. Winter Colors


Beckett’s reaction to Castle’s theories over the years.

Tropes + Interruptions
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #13

When we’re together, no matter how bad things get, I think it’s going to be okay, because we’re together.